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These are a few pictures of my toys
Some of them are kits, some were bought crashed, and some I designed.

My Ultimate before its rebuild
I bought this plane crashed and threw it together in a week. It was a Global ARF Ultimate in the stock trim. I flew it for a while and wear and tear took its toll. This was helped along by a leaking exhaust gasket that soaked the firewall and landing gear mount. This is right before I tore it down.
The Ultimate after its rebuild
I tore the plane down to the bare wood, even cutting the control surfaces off. I fixed the damage and filled all of the little dings, dents, and other things incidental fo everyday flying. The rebuild took 2 months, of that 2 weeks was covering. I felt I could have made a new one in the same amount of time and it would have been lighter, as it now is around 8 pounds ready to fly. But the Magnum .61 pulls it very nicely.
The bottom
The trim is easy to see in all weather conditions and it is easy to tell which way is up.
The Lazy Bee
This is how you get a Lazy Bee.

This is after it is framed up and partially covered in polyester from Wal-Mart. It is stuck on with Sig Stix-it and them doped with butrate. I am very pleased with the fabric. This is a 40" Lazy Bee special.
This is the finished product. It is powered with a Magnum .30 four stroke and has enough power to hover the 2 pound 12 ounce machine. It is the cutest plane I have ever had. Since this picture was taken, the plane has gotten Trexler wheels and shocks from a Traxxas Rustler. It has been crashed quite a few times and has shrugged off all but 2 of them, which required a bit of glue.
Some of the Fleet